Konica Minolta Virtuoso 3D laser scanner

General Purpose Scanners
- Captures >1 million points in 5 sec

- High resolution, 80-250um point spacing
- Optional turntable rotary with auto-align
- Laser-based, works in any lighting environment

Custom Scanners and Systems
- Customized field of view, speed options, laser power and packaging

- Multi-scanner configurations

- Turnkey custom process software

Foot Scanners
- Low-cost, high resolution

- Weight bearing and non-weight bearing configurations

- Includes color texture overlay

- For podiatrists, chiropractors and orthotics manufacturers

Ear Impression Scanners
- Low-cost, high performance

- Fully automated software, generates watertight model in minutes

- For audiologists and hearing aid manufacturers


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Mike Formica

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